OpenTTD Germany and XL Europe Map

January 1st, 2021, last changes on April 1st, 2021


Update Apr, 10th 2021

The first version of The Hall of Fame is online!

Hall of Fame

Update Apr, 7th 2021

Just a few comments out of the game:

[Hawk] i just learnt more about germanys geography than I ever did in school


[Chinese] 这个地图就是穷 This map is poor

[Chinese] 看来欧洲人民真处于水深火热之中啊 It seems that the European people are really in dire straits

[Chinese] 急需我共产党带领他们 Urgently need our Communist Party to lead them

Update Apr, 1st 2021

OpenTTD 1.11.0 is online, so the Europe XL server is online as well!

Feedback welcome - just write it in the game's chat, prefixed with the command !admin. Have fun and enjoy!

Update Mar, 23rd 2021

The scenarios are published on BaNaNaS (available to you via the content download directly in the game):

Update Mar, 6th 2021

Version 1.3

An update of the 2048x2048 map of Germany/Europe is online:

Known Issues

Update Feb, 25th 2021

[Juan Manzana] Excellent piece of work, well done, love the boarders are there now and you made east too now, thanks, time to enjoy it for a bit

Thank you, Juan! I'm more than happy to hear that!

Update Feb, 19th 2021

Answering some of your questions out of the game:

[Trank] pls gimme where to get this map [Player] hi! where can i get the map? :)

You can save the game and use it as a scenario later on. The Europe XL map is still under construction. When ready, it will be published on OpenTTD BaNaNas server, so that anyone can download it directly from within the game (Check Online Content, Scenario). The small map of Germany is already published there as "Deutschlandkarte Germany Map".

[Trank] everywere ++++ and wtf im bakrupt? [Trank] thats collapse of all infrastucture without no reson

I couln't be online as you wrote this message, so I don't know the reason. Please note: in case you did not protect your company with a password, it could have happened that someone connected to your company and made it go bankrupt. Check the Finances window to identify what generates costs. Generally, the infrastructure causes maintenance costs. Avoid unnecessary stuff.

[Trank] how can i upgrade buses how a class?

Autoreplace is turned off. Breakdowns are turned off. There should be no need to replace old buses.

[Trank] is it a charge for ol buses?

No, there should be none. At least it was not my intention. Do you see any problems?

Update Jan, 24th 2021

The version 1.4. of the map does not include Reims and Aalst anymore. Their location was completely invalid. A lot of additional lighthouses have been added. Some of them are not visible as they would have to share the same tile due to the map scale. A few additional towns: on the islands, in Denmark and in Poland.

A possibility to complain via chat and to restart the company has been added thanks to the OTTD admin tool.

Update Jan, 17th 2021

The version 1.3. of the map contains a lot of corrections in the flow of the rivers. Originally, many of them did go upwards :lol:. The problem is the automatic generation of the terrain and the shape restrictions of the terrain in the game.

Initial Post Jan, 1st 2021

The first version of an OpenTTD scenario featuring the map of Germany (and surrounding countries) is online.

It took a lot of time to generate the height map, draw the rivers and lakes, place the towns and cities and mark the borders of the countries. I have reused the original code of the game in order to manipulate the scenario file programmatically.

The scenario is publicly available for a multiplayer game under the name *** Real Topography… (by miltschek). I’m still verifying the game play and collecting points for fine tuning. One of the goals is to integrate a few NewGRFs in order to get even better feeling of the localization.

Settings of the game:

The scenario is published under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license. It means, you may share it and adapt it, including commercial use for as long as you give credits to me and keep the same license in case of re-publishing the new material.

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