# Files Ninja <sup>December 30th, 2021</sup> Similarity-based search engine for files. Preloaded with Microsoft Patch Day files. ![TEXT](./img/files.ninja.png) [files.ninja](https://files.ninja/) > Files Ninja is rooted in the CTF community attempting to make some of their tools available to the public. We have played for the CTF team Eat, Sleep, Pwn, Repeat. > On this site, you can upload any file and find similar files. The similarity search is based on a couple of data collected from the sample, if available, e.g. bytes, functions or the callgraph. *** [Main Menu](/) [Next: Save data on mobile hotspots](/article_2022-01-02_Save%20data%20on%20mobile%20hotspots.html) [Previous: SanDisk SecureAccess AES 1024bit](/article_2021-12-29_SanDisk%20SecureAccess%20AES%201024bit.html)